Randy McIntosh

Dr. Randy McIntosh is vice-president of Research at Baycrest and director of Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute, and Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Dr. McIntosh is a pioneer in the study of how different parts of the brain work together to bring about the wide range of human mental operations. He  is leading a team of international scientists on the development of The Virtual Brain (thevirtualbrain.org), which has the potential to revolutionize how clinicians assess and treat various brain disorders, including cognitive impairment caused by stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. The computerized model will deliver the first real, usable and open simulation of the human brain. For researchers, surgeons, neuroscientists and therapists, The Virtual Brain promises improved patient outcomes by letting clinicians simulate cognitive interventions – right from a Web browser.

University of Toronto, Canada

Talk title
Bridging clinical and cognitive neuroscience with large-scale computational modeling

Talk abstract
“Brain as a network” has become the dominant perspective in neuroscience over the past decade or so. New technology may reveal aspects of brain dynamics that heretofore were unimaginable. A challenge with these activities is the difficulty in integrating disparate data sources to appreciate their complex interdependencies in brain function. Computational modeling and simulation provide a principled means to merge such data and begin to understand such relations.  Critically, modeling also allows for the exploration of possible mechanism that translate between and healthy and diseased brain model. The hypothesis testing and generating capacity of computational modeling can thus be a critical lynchpin for clinical and cognitive neuroscience.