Lydia Ng

Lydia Ng joined the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2004. In her current role as Senior Director, Technology, she leads the Technology team through the whole development process from data management, processing, analysis, visualization and supporting the user community in using the resources in the Allen Brain Atlas data portal ( Her research background includes image processing and analysis, image registration, data analysis and data mining.

Allen Institute for Brain Sciences, United States

Talk title
Delivery open data, tools and knowledge on a timeline

Talk abstract
The introduction of large-scale digital atlases in neuroscience has changed the way researchers access and interact with data. The Allen Institute for Brain Science has been instrumental in leading the effort to create large-scale open-science resources for the public. This more than decade long endeavor has produced the Allen Brain Atlas data portal (, a suite of open access data resources in gene expression, brain connectivity – and more recently – characterization of in-vitro and in-vivo neuronal cells that advances our understanding of cell types and their role in brain cognition and computation. We will describe the journey of adapting the delivery of data, tools and knowledge through a changing landscape of data modalities, technological advances and user profiles. We will discuss how quantification, integration, standardization and visualization are key ingredients to create biological insight from a massive amount of data. We’ll highlight examples from the Allen data resources, talk about their evolution and discuss the challenges that lie ahead.