Jessica Turner

Jessica Turner’s background is in psychophysics and MRI methodology as applied to a range of clinical populations, with secondary experience in the analysis of genome wide scan (GWS) data. She describes her research interests to fall under “what can we know from cognitive neuroimaging and genetic data,” and “how can we represent what we know from these experiments?” She is involved in two research programs; Imaging genetics and Neuroinformatics. The Imaging genetics research program includes the extraction and understanding of multivariate patterns within the combined methods of neuroimaging and genetics, as applied to clinical populations. The Neuroinformatics research program includes the development of formal, computable representations of neuroimaging experiments, the experimental variables involved, and the results of the data for automated data sharing and meta-analysis within neurobiology. Through collaborations with other cognitive neuroscientists, computer scientists and engineers, she is building computer-accessible representations of neuroimaging experiments and data, to improve automated data retrieval and reasoning in cognitive neuroscience

Georgia State University, United States