Chris Gorgolewski

Chris Gorgolewski is a co-director of the Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience. He has been promoting data sharing through initiatives such as data papers and NeuroVault as well as working on data standards (BIDS). He has also been a core developer of neuroimaging data processing tools such as Nipype, FMRIPREP and MRIQC. Most recently he has been focused on a framework for portable neuroimaging data processing tools – BIDS Apps.

Stanford University, United States

Talk title
Towards open and reproducible neuroscience in the age of big data

Talk abstract
The Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience (CRN) was founded to develop a number of initiatives to help to make neuroscience more open and reproducible. These initiatives include influencing the scientific culture (e.g. The OHBM Replication Award), introducing new standards for organizing neuroimaging data (BIDS) and software (BIDS Apps) as well as building tools to assess MRI quality (MRIQC) and perform robust preprocessing of fMRI data (FMRIPREP). Tying all of those efforts together, as well as capitalizing on the experience gained from OpenfMRI and NeuroVault, is the upcoming OpenNeuro project. This novel software-as-a-service platform seeks to harness the power of high-performance computers to provide free data analysis in exchange for making data publicly available.